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Fresh from the SITEFORUM labs: New Piecharts

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 SITEFORUM 6.3 comes with great new pie-charts. You can use them in the SEO 360° module and some other areas. Pie charts are great to visualize small portions of data. We used the powerful flot library to make this happen. Flot is a pure Javascri... mehr...

Erstellt von Dirk Schlenzig am Freitag, 01.04.2011, 18:25 acquires Radian6 - good for SITEFORUM-powered Social business

 The acquisition of Radian 6 by marks an industry watershed : social business is now overtaking social media at the top of the corporate agenda. Customer interaction and community are now the focus of attention as the social media chan... mehr...

Erstellt von Dirk Schlenzig am Donnerstag, 31.03.2011, 18:55


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