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Mycustomer: Sechs Social Media Lektionen von 2011

12. Dezember 2011 - veröffentlicht einen Kommentar von David Bashford, Director der SITEFORUM Gruppe über das Thema: "Sechs Social Media Lektionen von 2011".

Mycustomer: Sechs Social Media Lektionen von 2011
Spectators speculated that this would set the tone for the rest of the year. "The acquisition of Radian6 by Salesforce marks an industry watershed: social business is overtaking social media at the top of the corporate agenda," said David Bashford, director SITEFORUM Group, at the time. "Customer interaction and community are now the focus of attention as social media channels get fuller and noisier, amidst increasing concerns about data ownership and privacy. Brands are realising it is time to own the conversation and directly engage with the tools their customers like, but owned and operated by organisations they know and trust. Expect to see more and more sites using social technology as an integral part of sales and service delivery, providing the long-awaited answer to the ‘how do we make money from social?’ question."

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