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Leading technologists talk about transforming enterprises into mass-collaborating organizations. SITEFORUM has taken this concept even further and applied it to the needs of corporations. Ultimately delivered as a tailored cloud service, SITEFORUM empowers organizations to determine and maximize enterprise value by focusing on strategic and operational effectiveness. SITEFORUM does this by constructing corporate communities, creating global marketplaces and adopting mobile LCRM (Lifetime Customer Relationship Management).
What do the largest pension fund in Germany, the most prominent community of HR professionals across North America and the German subsidiary of the world’s largest fast-food chain have in common? They all rely on the SITEFORUM platform.

SITEFORUM addresses not only market leaders and challengers but also newcomers across a multitude of industries. They rely on SITEFORUM to successfully identify business opportunities and exploit massive collaboration prospects. They are eager to implement effective strategies to extend their position or to challenge those that do not act or react quickly enough. Every day, over 1,000,000 people around the world work in a SITEFORUM environment. Our “Made in Germany” R&D facilities assure not only best in class quality, but also timely delivery and superior procedural framework.

SITEFORUM Software GmbH based in Erfurt, Germany, was founded in 1998 as a software development and content management solutions company. SITEFORUM Success AG, its successor holding company, is based in Zug, Switzerland and oversees SITEFORUM’s Research, Project, Software and Cloud Factories.

SITEFORUM Success AG currently has three business subsidiaries:

StrategySuccess360 -> Strategic Marketplaces, Portals and Communities
Areas of Competence: Increase Enterprise Value
  • Governance Guidelines, Risk & Compliance / Corporate Memory & Intelligence
  • Best Practice & Excellence / Customer Centric
  • Measurement & Performance / Corporate Management
MobileSuccess360 -> Lifetime Customer Relationship Management (LCRM)
Areas of Competence: Balancing Supply and Demand by Combining the Nexus of Forces
  • Mobile -> Access (one to one and 24/7)
  • Social -> Behavior (virality and connection)
  • BigData -> Context (measure & understand)
  • Cloud -> Delivery (grow and scale)

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