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SITEFORUM achieves full PCI compliance

21 January 2011 – SITEFORUM, social business software specialist, today announced that the company has been officially approved as PCI compliant.

SITEFORUM achieves full PCI compliance
Following rigorous testing by PCI approved scanning vendor, McAfee, which assessed potential vulnerabilities in SITEFORUM’s infrastructure the company has been found to meet the strict security requirements of the Payments and Cards Industry Data Security Standard.

Dr. Christoph Siegelin, Vice President Sales, Central Europe in the Financial Services and Retail division of Gemalto and President of Smart Payment Association (SPA), the trade body of the smart payment industry said, “This is certainly an appealing development in SITEFORUM’s service. Offering customers a safe and secure environment in which to make transactions is vital in providing good customer service, and something which a surprising number of vendors fail to achieve.”

Achieving PCI compliance means that SITEFORUM is able to process payments on behalf of its customers for subscriptions, memberships and other costs associated with running online communities and networks. The certification also enables customers to securely maintain their customer relationships, documents and community.

Dirk Schlenzig, CEO at SITEFORUM said, “Whilst we have always worked hard to secure online transactions, to achieve official PCI compliance status is a huge step for SITEFORUM in reassuring our customers and partners that we have a supported and safe environment in which transactions can be made, and data for communication and collaboration is private. I am very proud that SITEFORUM has achieved such a notable milestone and look forward to continuing to develop our approach to online security.”

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