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SITEFORUM announces industry first “all-in-one” Social Business Suite

Munich, 21 March 2011 – SITEFORUM, the leading provider of social community software for business, announces the first complete Social Business Suite, an all-in-one solution for social media & content management, social networking and social business applications.
SITEFORUM Social Business Suite is a scaleable, enterprise solution and delivers a comprehensive set of functionality, including an application development environment, on a single, integrated cloud-based platform.

"Having revolutionised the way we communicate out of work, social technology has made the jump into the business world and is transforming the way we interact with colleagues, customers and partners”, said SITEFORUM Group CEO, Dirk Schlenzig. “SITEFORUM Social Business Suite provides seamless integration with your business processes and delivers breakthrough improvements in revenue, cost and communication".

The new product suite, based on a PCI-certified cloud infrastructure, enables enterprises to achieve new levels of online communication and collaboration with prospects, customers, partners and employees. Industry experts have already identified a range of business benefits directly attributable to greater online engagement and empowerment.

The “all-in-one” Social Business Suite comprises six modules:
  • Social Networking & Community – peer to peer collaboration, member search, contact lists, activity feeds and network groups for user-driven empowerment and networking.
  • Content Publishing & Communications – create compelling online messaging fully integrated with social media platforms and optimised for search engines, manageable from any browser – anywhere, anytime.
  • Virtual Business – Virtual exhibitions, trade fairs, seminars, presentations, meetings and more to overcome geographical barriers, reach wider audiences and reduce time and cost constraints for new business opportunities
  • Social CRM & Customer Service – turns user profiles and analytics into actionable business development data with integrated lead management system. Integrated helpdesk system, and easy on-line forms generator, ensure fast and reliable response to service and information requests.
  • Business Collaboration - simplify internal communication and business processes, increase productivity and stimulate employee innovation using internal blogs, wikis, forums and network groups for projects and other team activities.
  • Business Applications – Build or Buy – SITEFORUM Studio is a standards-based, development environment enabling you to extend your Social Business Suite to incorporate customer business processes and/or integrate with other systems. You can build your own or purchase solutions from other SITEFORUM developers.
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