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The tills never sounded sweeter: Social media and Christmas sales

December 2010 - The affect of Social Media campaigns on Christmas sales can hardly be overstated. SITEFORUM, the experts on social-community software, believes that social networks are not just gaining importance, but are being used frequently by companies across the globe for communication and advertising purposes. An idea which has been confirmed by a number of studies looking at the private, industrial and public sectors.

The tills never sounded sweeter: Social media and Christmas sales
"Companies can only benefit from social media - as long as it is applied in the right way. It lets new business models be implemented, which cannot be applied offline at all“, says Dirk Schlenzig, CEO of the SITEFORUM group. "However, the social media concept should be adapted for every business branch and target group individually. We believe, there're three crucial points to be concerned: feedback, online-cooperation and custom content."

According to POS Trendspiegel, a representative for the agency group "Absatz", 70% of the respondents from different sales departments expect a sales volume increase of between 10 and 40% around Christmas this year. The online-channel is also pleased about the obvious popularity of Social Media: the market research institution TNS and its German subsidiary company TNS Infratrest's current study "Digital life"  demonstrates a strong tendency to the world wide online behaviour of the future. This study is based on 50.000 online interviews, representing 46 countries. According to the study, 61% of internet users go online daily, and it is their most important source of media,information and communication (with TV and Radio following it).

The business usage of social media is increasing too, as shown in the SID/FIT social media report 2010/2011. During this study, the software initiative deutschland (SID) together with the Fraunhofer-Institut for applied information technique (FIT) and the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg College, asked 100 specialists in German economics about their business use of social media. The survey shows, that over 50% of respondents know about the importance of social networks and use them already for different business purposes. The main aspects in this process are: fast information exchange, target group-specific marketing and the use  of social media for customer support. For 80 % of respondents there is no doubt that social networks will gain more and more importance.

"Social Media is already being applied by German companies", said Dirk Schlenzig, "As social networks give many advantages: a better dialog with customers, higher customer-connectivity, better communication with target groups, more effective campaigns and sales increase are just some of them". Additionally, social media can easily be integrated into already existing proposals. Especially during Christmas sales, appropriate strategies can really prove themselves.

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