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Business Cloud9: Google+ and the enterprise business

July 7, 2011 - Business Cloud9 published a comment of David Bashford, Chief Marketing Officer of the SITEFORUM Group about: Google+ and the enterprise business
So should businesses start factoring Google+ into their plans? Or will Google+ be a flash in the pan. At this early stage, opinion is divided. David Bashford, director at SITEFORUM, predicts:

“I think Google+ is going to do the same as Google Wave, and sink! In order to be successful it must prove that it can offer a new dimension to existing social networking sites, which I doubt very much that it will. Instead, it seems clear Google is trying to force a platform on consumers, leading it to already fail in competing with Facebook which had the first move advantage and was launched and developed ahead of consumer demand. Many marketers have had their fingers burnt by investing time and money in networks that haven’t taken off, so I would imagine Google+ won’t have an effect on the marketing industry unless it shocks us all by gaining significant traction amongst everyday internet users. For brands, this may become another channel to exploit but I would not waste too much effort anytime soon. The value of engaging with consumers on social networks is proven – however, the ultimate goal for brands must still be driving the conversation to their own websites, which should be ready and willing to offer as much interactive and personalised content as any social network.”

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