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CIO Connect Magazine article about Odgers Berndtson

September 21, 2011 - CIO Connect Magazine publishes interview with Adam Gibson, Head of IT at Odgers Berndtson. He talks about social collaboration and their partnership with SITEFORUM.

Adam Gibson talked to CIO Connect Magazine. CIO Connect is a membership organistion which covers a significant proportion of the FTSE 350 across both private and public sectors. The organisation is a catalyst for growth of IT leaders and their teams, through peer generated insight, support and guidance, alongside a host of bespoke services.

Extracts from Adam's comments :

"The company implemented a SITEFORUM, social networking system to deliver a hosted community platform ,incorporating intranet services, management information services and crisis management applications. It  provides real-time business data across the UK, China, Hong Kong and the MiddleEast.  SITEFORUM has allowed us to join systems together,such as customer relationship management and accounting packages. We wanted a platform that was cost-effective and flexible, which could integrate easily."

"Real-time reporting has given the business a level of clarity and transparency , I have two straplines:
"There is no excuse for not knowing"  and, like the old Martini advert , the portal operates "anytime, anyplace, anywhere."

Adam wants to develop broader social communities across all the network groups in the region,and will be offering social tools to other,smaller offices.
"It is like an ongoing concierge service."

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