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Education Investor: Blue sky thinking

Juli 2011 - Education Investor published a comment of Bob Pike, COO of the SITEFORUM Group about Cloud Computing.
Companies such as SITEFORUM seem to be providing this. It offers various specialist cloud services, including a social networking platform. It's working with Bucks New University to offer a service that allows students as well as alumni to network together. "They're obviously not the highest up the chain in academia or on the list for government investment", says chief operating officer Bob Pike," so they wanted to extend their reach overseas to bring in students from the Middle East, India and China, and make uo their funding shortfall."
The new system SITEFORUM is providing will also replace the university's virtual learning environment, Blackboard, to help it provide overseas distance learning. SITEFORUM will make 3000 to 6000 in revenue from this initial service. The company will also go on to provide other cloud-based services, including online storage of the terabytes of data that the university's music studio has produced.

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