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New Media Knowledge: Top tips on making your CRM strategy more social

October 10, 2011 - New Media Knowledge published a comment of David Bashford, director of the SITEFORUM Group about: "Top tips on making your CRM strategy more social."
“Social CRM allows businesses to track and react to every customer interaction, transaction and conversation”, says David Bashford, director at social business specialist Siteforum. Bashford suggests that by encouraging customers to create a profile on your website, you can both collect valuable personal information and at the same time interact on a personal level, assessing real-time responses to content that is uploaded onto your site.

He continues: “Provide a special offer or incentive for your customers building a profile on your site and encourage peer-to-peer interaction by enabling your internal social CRM system to link with Facebook and Twitter, allowing customers to share information. Your main objective should be to entice people into your brand and your website, but there is a lot to be gained from creating advocates of your brand in your own territory and then allowing them to influence their friends. All data is captured through the social CRM modules linked to the portal database, so in this sense the company can search all of this information as usual.”

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