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The health insurance company VBL is very successful with online bookings of seminars

VBL, a great german institute for provision for the Federal and Länder Authorities, delivers the operational elderly benefits for employees in the public service for more than 75 years. At present about 950 staff members service 2 million compulsorily insurants, 2 million non-contributory employees, and 1 million retirees.

Most recently, VBL is using the SITEFORUM seminar manager. More than 30 online bookings were accepted in just the first 60 minutes.

Since 2001 VBL has utilized SITEFORUM to implement their website. At first, VBL used SITEFORUM as a content management system for their internet and intranet to publish documents and related content. The document manager played a major role to placing registration forms online as PDF documents.

Within a short period of time, the campaign manager was added, and used with great success. VBL rapidly analysed their campaigns and reacted efficiently and effectively. In addition, a rate calculator, designed and developed especially for VBL, was very rapidly accepted.

Most recently, VBL is using the SITEFORUM seminar manager. More than 30 online bookings were accepted in just the first 60 minutes... a very successful initiation.

The rapid acceptance and increasing use were to the facts that the VBL seminars very interesting, and the easy to use, similar process for all the online announcements. The process summary is as follows:
  1. The Guests go to and clicks on the seminar list.
  2. They then select the seminar they wish to attend.
  3. They are asked to log on or register (if not yet registered).
  4. After activating their new account or logging in (for previously registered users) the user goes to the last seminar they reviewed.
  5. They can immediately book it (register for it) and after booking they receive a confirmation of their reservation with an invoice (if appropriate) via email.
  6. If there is no available capacity, then user is automatically waitlisted.
  7. The seminar manager checks all thhe bookings and informs users who are waitlisted, when there is an opening.

VBL is much more focused on the needs of their insurants and registered users get special and continuing information and can store more extensive information as well. This enables a much more effective use of the website by VBL and their insurants.

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