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SITEFORUM and STRATO delivers SMB "Business Portal on demand"

European Web Hosting leader applies Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business portal to maximise online opportunities for the small-midsize market

SITEFORUM and STRATO delivers SMB "Business Portal on demand"
SITEFORUM, the leading provider of SaaS-based portal software, and STRATO established STRATO Business Portals, taregting at small-medium companies ambitious to use the internet to build their businesses.

The STRATO Business Portal brings all the online functions SMBs need into one integrated, comprehensive, online service. The SITEFORUM software combines a powerful Content Management System (CMS) with personalisation and multi-language with Contact Management, Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Intranet/Extranet functions, Analytics, Sales & Support Tools and Document Management.

Fully delivered as SaaS, there are no local software installations, nothing but a browser and web access is needed. STRATO takes care of updates, patches, and backups. This is the key to reduce and strategically plan IT costs. STRATO is the first web hosting company to bring scalable process-based software-as-a-service into the mass market. A complete service package starts at only €89 per month.
STRATO markets its Business Portal through a new corporate customer Website and has built its own business on the technology it is selling to its customers. "This shows clearly how powerful this technology is", says Damian Schmidt, CEO of STRATO AG. "Based on our 10 years of experience with Web Hosting, the certified security level of the STRATO Data centre, and proven customer service quality, we can now bring business software as a service (SaaS) to small and midsize businesses.

“We are delighted to provide this new service offer to over a million STRATO customers - both old and new” says Juergen Schlenzig. SITEFORUM Group CEO. “Our feature-rich technology delivers affordable, world-class portals for every business starting immediately. SaaS changes the dynamics of the software industry to enable SMB’s to compete with multi-nationals online.” Key to the STRATO decision to use SITEFORUM was the automated billing and maintenance, which has provided a complete commercial and real-time build for web services on demand.


STRATO, based in Berlin, Germany, is the second largest European web hosting provider. It hosts over 4 million domains and has more than 1.4 million customer contracts. STRATO operates across Europe, including Germany, Great Britain, France, The Netherlands, Italy and Spain, offering locally-adapted, comprehensive, all-inclusive packages, high-performance dedicated and virtual servers, as well as professional online shops. STRATO, a 100% subsidiary of the freenet AG, provides transparent quality through TUV certification: in addition to process management (ISO 9001) and customer support (MS ServiceQuality), both high-performance computer centres have been certified according to ISO 27001. STRATO’s computer centres run on renewable energy which is 100% CO2-free.

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