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Background Processes

Background Processes control much of the automated activity around the site, for example if you have a feed going to Facebook, System Emails or Export Data as XML files to Search Engines you will be using (perhaps unknowingly) background processes.

To find out what background processes are running:

Go to Portal Manager > Tools and Admin > Background Processes.
Here you will find a list of all the processes currently running on your portal with a description of what each one does.

To turn a background process off/on

Simply click the red/green light next to the name of the process in the list (red for off, green for on).

To kick start a process

Simply click the arrow to the right of the process.

To edit a background process

Click the edit button here you can:
Change the name and description of the process (for translation purposes)
Set how often the process runs.
Set how many fail runs can go by before an adminstrator is contacted.
Choose the template (the instructions, if you like) that this process runs from.


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