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Tracking SEO Webmetrics

Webmetrics is the term used for tracking data about how successful a website is based on data generated from users. SITEFORUM offers various tools to help you work out what area of a website are successful or which search engine is producing the most results and which keywords user from the search engine used helping you to track and update your site’s metadata for increased results.
• SEO 240 in Marketing and CRM > SEO 360 allows you to use various tools.
1. Analyze files allows you to see the distribution of your keywords so you can edit your metadata to concentrate more heavily on a specific term
2. Submit your site allows you to post your site to search engines so their robots will regularly index your site and add your page to their listings. This is very important and only needs to be done background processes will then update your sitemap on a 3 day basis.
3. Analyze search indexes allows you to see what information about your website is already held on various search engines.
4. Ranking checks allows you to see if you rank in the top ten for a number of search engines with all of your keywords.
• SEO 360 allows you to review statistics about your visitors, how they found the site, which browser they were using etc. Checking this regularly will give you an idea of the success of your search engine optimisation and enable you to work out what area of your metadata needs to be edited.
• For further webmetrical information you can also go to Tools & Admin > Statistic here you will find various information; for example how many users logged in a detailed timeframe or what documents were downloading.
• You can also check the information about a specific area of the site such as a story or email campaign in their overview.


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