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How can I create a special introduction page like with a Flash-Intro?

The standard page which open up at first after entering the domain is the "index.html" file. If you want to adapt this "static" file, please open it in the area Tools & Administration > Files. In the first mail directory you find the "index.html".

Here you can modify the file as desired with HTMLor external programs (e.g. Dreamweaver, ...).

We recommend  to open the file in the "SEO Editor" to optimize it for search engines while editing. Please keep in minde on the link to the dynamic area of the portal. These links are displayed in the lower area of the SEO Editor.

Use the code to e.g. link to the dynamic portal area:
<a href="/SITEFORUM?i=1324546789&amp;t=/Default/gateway">Dynamic portal</a>

The number matches with the portal identification, the so-called "Account ID".


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