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Tags are a organisational tool which make it possible to create tags cloud or search by keywords and are used to organise various areas of the site such as stories, blogs and documents.

Defining tags

  • In the tags overview page you can add your own tags.
  • Simply click the add button
  • Type in the name of the tag
  • and choose what you would like to assign it to.
  • Save - this tag will now be available to select when creating whatever it is you've assigned it to.

Allowing users to create their own tags

  • Go to the settings section of the tags page
  • Choose either no selection (they can't choose tags) checkbox (lets you choose predefined tags - as above) or textbox (open area where users can create their own tags).
  • Save

Adding Tag clouds

  • Go to portal manager > Tools and admin > design and admin > Application Links
  • Choose global
  • Find the tag cloud you want to add (i.e. top blog tags)
  • Press the name
  • Assign it to the areas where you want it to be seen
  • Save


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