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Setup, launch and operate an innovative cloud computing offer - with SITEFORUM

Cloud Computing is a growing market. Companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and many smaller ones build more and more apps for “the cloud”. SITEFORUM provides you with all the technologies to become such a cloud computing player.
Cloud Computing is now everywhere.
Become a specialist cloud-computing vendor using our platform. Add industry-specific features and go mass-market using our robust and scaleable platform. Our products are widely-used by many small and medium-sized business. You can quickly customise our products for your specific industry needs and then use our mass-market-ready technology, experience and deployment options to rollout your new industry solution to many customers. Extend your business and revenue channels. Become a player in the booming cloud computing market.

What's needed to setup, launch and operate an innovative cloud computing offer

Cloud Computing

A popular standard product that every company needs to grow business

Our Social Business Suite is the first truly integrated suite of social business tools. It provides a great foundation for many vertical cloud service offers such as:

  • Company websites for dealers , outlets, subsidiaries, franchisees
  • Career portals
  • Community portals

SITEFORUM Social Business Suite connects website visitors, employees, partners, customers. Corporate Website, CMS, Social Community, CRM, Marketing, Sales, Support, Intranet, Extranet, Online Meetings - all in one nicely integrated product.
Generate leads, organize online collaboration, increase revenue, cut costs, grow business. Includes many standard cloud service options such as email, domain, storage, traffic, monitoring and uptime guarantee.

Ability to verticalize the offer by adding industry-specific customizations

SITEFORUM supports many different ways to customize / verticalize the standard product that serves as a base for your industry solution:

Built-in feature management: Allows to turn built-in portal functionalities on / off

Development environment SITEFORUM Studio: Enables you (or us) to change certain functions, extend them or build new ones

Many APIs available / open-standards based: SITEFORUM supports a variety of different APIs on it’s technology layers. This can be used to connect or integrate existing business logic applications or functionalities that you might have available.

New master version: All changes combined basically lead to a new master version that marks your new and innovative cloud computing offer / solution.

Cloud Computing Platform that is built for roll-out, growth and mass-market

100% Browser-based: All features can be accessed with a standard web-browser on a PC or smart phone.

Multi-tenant architecture: Allows you to run many independent instances (clients) on the same infrastructure. SITEFORUM runs on commodity hardware and does not need highly sophisticated and expensive hardware.

Easy deployment, automated roll-out process: Allows your customers or your staff to setup new portals within seconds using our dynamic portal builder.

Many management options:
Contains many options for administrators to manage installations on the infrastructure to create, delete and modify portals.

Instant Update: Our technology enabling quick roll-out and application of new versions and updates. Migrations are usually never headache-free. Our Instant Update technology makes it easy to keep all portals on the same version.

Billing processes: Our platform can plug into your existing billing processes or you can use our built-in billing processes.

Payment automation:
We offer several ways to automate the whole payment process. From calculating usage fees to generating invoices to collecting funds and payments via credit card or wire transfer.

The SITEFORUM Platform is certified by Apple to build apps for the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

The “SITEFORUM iPhone app” is a successful application in the Apple AppStore and allows users to connect to any SITEFORUM portal in the world using their credentials, and login, post blog, upload picture and read latest contents. You can build your own iPhone / iPad app on top of it.

Cloud Service infrastructure that is secure, reliable and scalable

Since year 2001, we provide our customers with ready-to-go cloud services that include applications and all required hosting options.

State-of-the-art: Our web infrastructure consists of proven, reliable, mass-market-ready hardware and software components.

Datacenters: We own rack space in a very large datacenter in Germany and North America.

Certified security: Our infrastructure serves high security standards and is certified by the Payment Card Industry as “PCI compliant”. That means that independent systems simulate hacks and try to break our infrastructure on an ongoing basis.

Fault-tolerant: Our systems are usually setup redundantly and equipped with fail safe systems.

Scalable: We run large cluster environments that serve several hundreds of thousands of users every day. We are familiar with the latest web technologies and operate systems that are optimized for large numbers of concurrent users.

Cloud services: We take care of domain management, email, storage and traffic.

Advanced Cloud Services: We also supply our customers with fully managed web infrastructures that include fault-tolerant, highly available, webservers, database servers, storage solutions, load balancers, mass email servers and clustered environments. We also offer more sophisticated services such as virtual private networks, sandbox /development servers, private and shared clouds.

Network Operation Center to monitor daily business

We offer many services to supply a smooth and downtime-free service to our and your customers.

Uptime monitoring: We monitor all our customer websites, portals and communities from external sources. We simulate real guest accesses to the frontpage every 5 minutes. If such a frontpage does not open in time our network operation center people and experienced staff react.

Uptime guarantee / SLAs: We are giving all our customers an uptime guarantee of 98% per month. We offer SLA’s that can go as high as 99.9% per month. This means only 45 minutes unexpected downtime per month.

Maintain infrastructure: We maintain all components, apply updates, bugfixes and patches.

Emergency cases:
We manage emergency cases 24/7, resolve hacks and DDOS attacks. We manage hardware defects and replace faulty hardware.

Preventive actions: We analyze all events and logfiles and use that information to prevent downtime before it happens. We stress-test our systems regularly to be better prepared for emergency cases.

Technology to manage and roll-out ongoing software releases

We are familiar with lifecycles for software applications and know how to keep internet applications up-to-date, secure, easy-to-use and state-of-the-art. We provide you with all the technologies and methodologies to build, roll-out new versions and bugfix releases.

Built-in migration: Our technology allows you to quickly roll-out and apply new versions and updates. Migrations are usually never headache-free. Our Instant Update technology makes it easy to keep all portals on the same version.

Software lifecycle:
We are familiar with all relevant software methodologies and technologies. We know how to implement agile software development processes and stabilize unstable software versions.

We know how to roll-out new versions to thousands of installations quickly.

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