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SITEFORUM (was created) for Designers

Our software allows designers to give free rein to their creativity and flair without having to worry about limitations of the application software and CMS. All of the SITEFORUM design elements and templates are stored in accessible CSS libraries so you can implement virtually any design without impacting our tried and tested functionality.
For complete design flexibility we provide easy access to all the CSS elements using our powerful Design machine. No development skills are required to completely customise the portal design - just a good knowledge of HTML and CSS.

SITEFORUM provides many Design features which you can use to create highly professional sites with fully dynamic and automated content management:

Design Templates
can be created for many content types including stories, story introductions, newsflashes, blogs, newsfeeds, campaigns and listings.

Design Attributes
allow you to display various colors, logos or special HTML code, depending on certain conditions (e.g. the current menu or use of various applications). You can, for example, display an image everywhere in the portal while at the same time displaying a special logo or different color in your Wiki.

Application Links
can be used to link to special SITEFORUM applications, like "Forums" or "Blogs". You can also create application links, which link to external sites. Application links can be placed in many locations in the portal, you can change the characteristics of existing application links or add new ones and specify detailed conditions as to where, when and for which user groups the link should be viewable.

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