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v6.2 - Last Mod.: 07/08/2010
With the portal's companies you can offer e.g. for registered members a compnany database or a public company directory. You can categorize companies with industries and add an owner to a company, who can take care of his own company profile and who can add additional information.

1. Administration

  1. Please log in the portal with your login data.
  2. To get to the companies click the link Companies.
Note: Regular members of the network have limited access compared with Portal Masters.

1.1 Overview

You get an overview of the different elements concerning the companies:
  • Newest Companies Shows the newest companies.
  • Random Companies Shows companies randomly.
  • Industries Shows the most used industries.
  • Quick Search Allows a quick search inside the companies.
  • By clicking a Company you get to the start page of the chosen company.
  • By clicking a single Industry you get to all companies assigned to this industry, q.v. 1.2 Industries.

1.2 Industries

All existing industries are listed here. The number in brackets behind shows the number of assigned companies.
  1. Click the desired industry.
    All assigned companies get listed.
  2. Click the desired company to get to the details.
  3. With the selection box you can select another industry.

1.3 Alphabetical

All existing companies are listed here alphabetically.
  1. Click the desired company to get to the details.
  2. With the letters you can limit the results.

1.4 Map

All inscribed companies are shown on the map.
  • Click one hook to view details of the company.
  • Note: Only companies are shown which longitude and latitude are given.

1.5 My Companies

Note: You can only view the tab My Companies if you have the permission for it.
  • Click the tab My Companies.
    If you are owner of several companies they get listed one below the other. Click the desired company.
    Under the tab View all details of the company are shown.
Tab Map
Note: You only see this tab if the portal owner included a Google Key for maps.
Here you can display your company on Google(TM) Maps (Tab Map).
  1. Enter the address (at least street and city) of your company.
  2. Click the button Search.
  3. Drag the hook with the mouse exactly to the spot where your company is located.
    In the lower area Geodata the longitude and the latitude get automatically displayed.
  4. Activate the checkbox Use Geodata to use the geodata for the Map.
  5. Click the button Save Geodata.
Note: Only if you saved the longitude and the latitude extra your company gets displeayed in the map. It is not sufficient just to enter the address.
Tab Display When clicking the tab Display you get to the company profile like visitors see it in the vendor directory. If you want to edit contact details or other informationen click the tab Edit.

Tab Edit
  1. Edit in the tab Summary the most important information about your company.
  2. Choose in the tab Details from the selection box a detail for additional information and enter the information. Repeat this procedure to add further details. The chosen detail can be clicked by the user in the company profile.
  3. Upload in the tab Images a matching logo, an additional image which gets displayed in the company profile in the area Main Information and a video. Enter your Ustream account data to connect to Ustream to show live streams at a virtual event (q.v. .......................).
  4. Click the button Save when ready.
Tab Notes
Note: You can only view the tab Notes if you have the permission for it, e.g. as a company owner.
  1. View all notes which you entered at the visitors level.
  2. Use the letters to filter single notes.
Tab Visitors
  1. View all visitors of your company.
  2. If required enter notes for single visitors, which you can view then in the tab Notes.
    Visitors who got a note disaapear from the tab Visitors.
  3. Use the letters to filter single visitors.
Tab Manage Users

Manage the employees of your company.
Note: A "Company Manager" has the permission to manage the company administratively. A "Company Director" can edit the company as well but additionally he can bequest memberships he bought to the employees of the company, means the users who are assigned to the company.
  1. Choose from the selection box Role teh desiredrole per employee.
  2. If required enter in the first field the email address suffix, if only users with this suffix may register.
  3. Choose from the second selection box the country users need to have chosen when registering.
  4. Click the button Save when ready.
Tab Business Cards
  • View all business cards which visitors left.

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