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System Emails

1. Overview
1.1 Add
1.2 Edit
1.3 Delete
2. Reset
3. Template
4. Statistic
5. Placeholders
v6.2 - Last Mod.: 25/11/2010
SITEFORUM System Emails get send automatically with information about e.g. portal status, news, new forum messages, etc. These emails can be subscribed by users with corresponding rights.

You can modify layout and content of the system emails individually. With the help of a WYSIWYG editor you can format the emails easily. Every email contains defined placeholders which you can use to personalize your emails.
Note: To edit system emails you need the roles "Content Manager" or "Portal Master."

1. Overview

Please log in to your portal.
  1. Click the button Portal Manager to get to the administrative area.
  2. Then click Tools & Administration > System Emails.
You get to the Overview of all system emails.

  • Please note that these settings are valid for the selected language only. If you want to edit the mails in another language, please change the language settings below the input window.
  • Use HTML links like <a href="$link">link name</a> only in the sourcecode view.
  • Only placeholders marked with a * can be used in the subject of a email.
System emails from the following areas are delivered with each portal:
  • Campaigns
  • Content Management
  • Events
  • Forum
  • Groupware
  • Network
  • Own System Emails
  • Login & Password
  • Shop

1.1 Add

Note: You can assign own system emails currently only in the area Network & Community > Memberships, e.g. to send an email because a membership is expiring. If you need a system email for an action which is not delivered by default then please contact us.
  1. Click the tab Add.
  2. Enter in the area Details in the field Name a name for the system email.
  3. Enter in the field Sender the sender of the mail.
  4. Enter in the field Subject a subject.
  5. Enter in the field Content the desired text of the system email. Use the WYSIWYG editor to format the mail.
  6. Click the button Save when ready.
The new system email is listed in the overview in the area Own System Emails.


1.2 Edit

  1. Choose in the Overview the email you want to edit.
  2. Click the icon Edit.
  3. Edit all fields and the content of the email as desired.
  4. Click the button Save when ready.

1.3 Delete

Note: You can only delete own system emails. System emails which are provided by the system cannot be deleted.
  1. Choose in the Overview the email you want to delete.
  2. Click the icon Delete.
  3. Confirm the erasing procedure by clicking the button OK.

2. Reset

Note: Standard emails which you edited and changed are goinng to be reset to the original status.
  1. In the navigation on the left below Emails click Reset.
  2. Enter in the field Email Address the email address which should be used as a sender for all emails.

3. Template

If you want to modify the system emails layout, you should edit the system emails template, using a HTML editor.
Click on Edit and modify the code. You may add header and footer information, as well as include some images. Such modification is possible for each language: you may switch it below the content area.
The system email content itself can be added via the placeholder $sysmail_body.


4. Statistic

  1. In the navigation on the left below Emails click Statistic.
  2. Select in the area Start Date from the selection boxes the begin of the emails.
  3. Select in the area Expiration Date from the selection boxes the end of the emails.
  4. If required constrict in the area Details the selection furthermore.
  5. Click the button Search to display the results.
All concerned system emails get listed below:
  • Subject Shows the subject of the email.
  • Recipient (Email) Shows the recipient and his/her email address.
  • Sender (Email) Shows the sender and his/her email address.
  • Delivery Date Shows the delivery date and the status (colored circle) of the email; green = sent, red = not sent. If you role over the red circle with the mouse, the reason is shown, why the email wasn't sent.
  • View By clicking the icon you can view the email.

5. Placeholders

You may use different placeholders in system emails. Please note, that each system email contains its own list of available placeholders, mentioned below the content area.
Here is a full list of existing placeholders for system emails, provided with a short description:

Placeholder Description
$firstName First Name
$lastName Last Name
$portalName Portal Name
Email Address
Login Name
$password Password
$portalLink Link to the portal
$content Text/Content
$storyName Name of the story
$story Content of the story
$date Date
$time Time
$subject Subject
$details Details
from Sender Email Address
$userComment User Comment
$reactionTime Reaction Time
$activationLink Aktivation Link
$editor Editor
$ticket Ticket Number
$deadline Deadline
$priority Priority
$category Category
$descShort Short Description
$descLong Long Description
$customerNumber Customer Number
$OrderID Order ID
$OrderNumber Order Number
$bill_firstname First name of billing address
$bill_lastname Last name of billing address
$products Products
$billing Bill
$shipping Shipping Address
$proposal_number Proposal Number
$discussion Forum Name
$linkToMessageValidation Link to verify messages
$eventName Name of event
$firstNameFrom First name of composer
$lastNameFrom Last name of composer
$firstNameTo First name of recipient
$lastNameTo Last name of recipient
$startTime Start of event
$endTime End of event
$repeatEvents All repetitions of the event
$eventDetails Details of event


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