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SITEFORUM is script language which gets interpreted server sided. It enables the combination of all described scripts. Very comprehensive and individual customization regarding design, content and database queries are possible. On templates different dynamic functions can be created and rights can be assigned.

HyperText Markup Language
Language to describe sites in the Internet. Hyper texts are connected with each other through hyper links.
(File endings are .html and .htm )

Dynamic HyperText Markup Language
Combination of HTML version 4 and JavaScript.
(File endings are .html and .js )

Extensible Markup Language
With this extendable description language own elements can be defined.
(File ending is .xml )

Wireless Markup Language
Description language for the display on mobile clients.
(File ending is .wml )

Scalable Vector Graphics
Vector graphic format based on XML.
(File ending is .svg )

Cascading Style Sheets
Enables to define templates for HTML sites regarding fonts and colors.
(File ending is .css )

Extensible Stylesheet Language
Extendable format language which enables templates regarding fonts and colors for XML sites.

JavaScript is a script language, which gets interpreted and executed by the browser of the user. JavaScript doesn't need to be edited by the compiler.
(File ending is .js )

Object oriented script language, developed by SUN Microsystems, enables to embed platform independent programs or animations in HTML sites. Java based basierte applications are deployed in the Internet as well as offline.
(File ending is .class )

Structured Query Language
Developed by IBM to query relational databases. Is a standadised databank query language by now.

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