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SITEFORUM offers many ways for its partners and resellers to customize, enhance or integrate SITEFORUM applications or infrastructure. This allows you to add value to SITEFORUM, customize it to your customers needs or integrate it with other applications. SITEFORUM usually operates in the heart of a company and every company works different and has different business processes.
For maximum customization options, we allow direct access to the source code of all SITEFORUM-based portal applications using the web-based SITEFORUM Studio IDE. Using CODELAGER(R) technology, we ensure that the application kernel - also called CODELAGER - stays persistent and consistent for future updates and migration - while you customize, enhance any SITEFORUM module.

This section is designed to give you all important information to get the most out of SITEFORUM. It is targetted to web developers, database administrators, project managers, consultants and everybody else who is interested to enhance the power behind SITEFORUM.


SITEFORUM applications are based on the proprietary SITEFORUM Script API. Powerful functions are available to use other APIs such as Java(tm) , Shell scripting, HTML, XML and many others as well. Click here to get a comprehensive documentation on SITEFORUM's native script functions. It also allows you to add your own user comments to the documentation.
Click here to open SITEFORUM Script API with user comments.

SITEFORUM Developer Manual

SITEFORUM comes with several integrated developer tools. They are described and documented in the SITEFORUM Developer Manual:

  • SITEFORUM Studio - integrated and fully web-based development and administration environment; covers source code editor, backup manager, translation manager and many other features to administer and control the SITEFORUM portal server
  • SITEFORUM dbAnywhere - the universal web-based database browser to connect / manage any RDBMS such as Oracle, SQL Server, SAP DB, MySQL and many others.
  • The "SITEFORUM Guestbook Tutorial" covers all important programming basics. Within 2 - 3 hours, you program your own first guestbook application - directly into your SITEFORUM portal.
  • Many examples, tipps and tricks

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