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Deleting a user

What exactly happens when you delete a user in your SITEFORUM portal?
The user will still be part of past statistics but when a user gets deleted the following happens:
  • Remove from Groups
  • Remove all Roles
  • Remove from Categories
  • Remove from Shop (Shipping Address)
  • Remove user from campaings, favourites, subscriptions
  • Delete Webmail
  • Delete Address Book
  • Update Ticket Owner To Unknown
  • Update Message Owner To Unknown
  • Update Story Editor To Unknown
  • Update Blog Author to Unknown
  • Remove From Campaingns As Receiver
  • Remove Any Memberships
  • Remove From Accounts As Owner (If Any)
  • Remove From Account Relations
  • Remove From Customer Table
  • Remove User From Network (File, Messages, etc.)
  • Remove From Full Text Search


Online Users

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