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There are many reporting options throughout SITEFORUM portals that allow you to track who has been on your site and what they have been doing. This enables you to monitor what it is that is of interest to your customers in order to market your product effectivley.

The Oveview Page

The overview page shows general stats about user visits over the last 31 days inclduing, guests, page impressions and newest users.

Visitors (Year)

This area gives you the details of the visitors who have visited your portal in the past year including breakdowns overall and details such as average daily visitor.

Visitors (Details)

This area allows you to see specific stats for a timeframe that you define.


This allows you to see what people on your portal have been doing (i.e. number of logins, downloads, blog posts etc.) and is broken down month as well as being searchable.


Shown what keywords were searched in internal searches and how often they were searched.


Shows how many system emails were sent out, when and who too.


Online Users

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