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Virtual Events Design

This article explains how to set up templates for your Virtual Event and manage the overall design.


The Virtual Events module is accessed either via Portal Manager > Network & Community > Virtual Events or via the “Show Admin” button at the bottom left of a Virtual Event (this is only accessible to Tradeshow managers).
Virtual Events are built around a template and CSS module system. Each Virtual event section - Lobby, Auditorium, Hall, Booth has a template attached to it. There is a default template for each section, but you can edit these and create your own with your own CSS classes. All the CSS for the booth is editable within the “conference.css” CSS Module. You can have as many different templates for each section as you like - either editing the default or creating your own.


Templates are written in HTML with dynamic placeholders to input content from your Virtual Event.

To access the Tradeshow templates, in the Virtual Events section of Portal Manager, click on Templates. You will then see a template for each of the sections. You can Edit, Delete or Add Templates. You will only be able to delete if a template is not applied to any rooms of your Virtual Event/s. Once in the Template you need to name it, give it a description and then add your template code. You will need to choose what type of template you are creating from the dropdown - lounge, booth etc. There are a variety of different dynamic placeholders available to you - such as [show:name], which automatically fills in the name of the show, and [show:logo] which shows the logo of the tradeshow. A list of placeholders is available at the bottom of the template page. Those name show are global and can be put in any template. Those named Lobby, Auditorium, Hall or Booth are available only to that specific template.

It is advised to use the standard CSS values, but encase them in your own class or id, although there is the possibility of creating your own templates from scratch.

Virtual Events CSS

To edit conference.css you will need to import this into CSS Modules.

To do this, go to Portal Manager > Tools & Admin > Design & Layout > CSS Modules.
Click on CSS Module Library.
Open the modules folder.
Scroll down till you find 'tradeshow.css'.
Click on the Copy icon.

You will then be taken to the CSS modules page, where you will find tradeshow.css in the Special Modules and Applications section. You can either edit this in raw CSS or open up the Simple CSS viewer.

You can create your own backgrounds for example, import these to the Portal, using Tools & Admin > Files and then link these images in tradeshow.css.


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