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Game-changing development in customer relations

Customer, technology, relationship, Strategy, building
 In the past, technology has been a limiting factor for smart concepts in customer satisfaction. Today only our imagination, attention and passion set the limits. As information technology continues to follow Moore's law and improve geometricall... mehr...

Gepostet von Jürgen Schlenzig am Samstag, 22.06.2013, 2:12

Social Customer Relationship Management

Social, Customer, Management, Ralationship, SRM
 AT last the begining of a understanding in the world of high paying IT customers that CRM is dead as we knew it! Social CRM (SRM): Once opportunities register, scalability, resources, and efficiencies quickly necessitate consideration and sup... mehr...

Gepostet von Bob Pike am Mittwoch, 03.03.2010, 16:13

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