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About us
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Since 1998, SITEFORUM is developing and running web-based business software. Headquartered in Erfurt (Germany) we deliver innovative solutions “made in Germany” , as configurable standard products for SME, spec-based projects to qualified midsize business, to market leaders and their challengers worldwide. We’re replacing off-line solutions, integrating our state-of-the-art solutions into any existing IT landscape, enabling new business models.

SITEFORUM contributes to our clients’ growth and grows with their requirements. Often for many years and from a single-purpose service to integrated solutions. Technology-wise, we have always been on the edge, distinguishing real trends from short-lived hypes, to the benefit of our clients.

For this, the Gartner Group, the leading IT analyst, has awarded us as a “cool vendor” in the nexus of cloud, mobile, social and big data. This is where nowadays new business concepts are created, with SITEFORUM as an enabling technology. More than a million people are using our services on a daily basis, which makes us proud - and wanting more.

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