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1. November 2019

The equalization fund - in short: VAK - is the service provider for municipalities and municipal institutions in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein for the areas of civil servants, subsidy, remuneration (pay) u. v. m.

At least since the entry into force of the German Online Access Act 2017, public corporation has had to deal with the challenges of digitization. For some time now, the VAK has been thinking about facilitating the exchange of information between the VAK and the human resource departments of its members in a comfortable, reliable, fast - but always safe - manner.

A project group was rapidly formed in the department of ​​remuneration fund, which relies particularly on a well-functioning exchange of information, which, together with the in-house IT department, came to the conclusion that a member portal is the optimal solution.

At the end of 2018, the ideal partner was found with SITEFORUM GmbH, which in turn has many years of experience in portal development (for example, with the Federal and State Pension Fund - www.vbl.de). At the beginning of 2019, a pilot project was agreed to set up a digital, web-based portal for the area of ​​the remuneration fund and its members. VAKdirekt was born.

In the following months, the workflows of the numerous message types were implemented with the help of the SITEFORUM digitization platform. Once complex paper processes could be mapped with the module "Form and automation of business processes" in the member portal.

At the beginning of August 2019, the big moment had come: The first authorized human resource departments submitted via vakdirekt.de their payment-relevant facts directly and without loss of time to the relevant person in the remuneration fund, which in turn could begin immediately with the further processing. Shipping by post, fax or email was instant history.

Now - at the end of October 2019 - 2,000 reports have already been transmitted electronically. In the meantime, more than 50 members of the remuneration fund (including districts, cities, offices, municipalities, special purpose associations) have registered via VAKdirekt and more are being added every day. Add to that a fully integrated cloud solution that makes it easy to share files, documents, scores, etc. between member and VAK.

"The successful launch of our member portal motivates us greatly now to tackle the next development phases. In addition to a continuous optimization of the current portal functionalities, the other service sectors - e.g. Payroll, job evaluation and also the new area human resource services - will be integrated." says Sven Carstensen, team remuneration fund and project manager.

About the VAK

The equalization fund Schleswig-Holstein (short VAK) was created in 1949 to ensure a central, municipal civil service in Schleswig-Holstein.

The VAK is a public corporation based in Kiel under the legal supervision of the Ministry of the Interior, Rural Areas and Integration of the State of Schleswig-Holstein.
The members include offices, municipalities, cities, districts, special purpose associations and other legal entities under public law in Schleswig-Holstein.

Over time, the range of services has multiplied so that VAK can offer a wide range of services in its various areas of responsibility.

Contact person for this project at VAK
Sven Carstensen            
Team Bezügekasse
Phone +49 431/5701-202                
E-Mail sven.carstensen@vak-sh.de
Internet: https://www.vak-sh.de

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