How does a company create the right digitization strategy?

24. January 2024

Digital transformation has revolutionized the way companies manage their core business and the daily tasks associated with it. In a world characterized by constant technological progress, the development of an effective digitization strategy is therefore essential. But how can companies ensure that their ideas are not only efficient, but also bring long-term success? We take a look at the steps that companies in every industry can take to build the right digitalization strategy.

1. Analyze the status quo


Before a company takes the path to a digital business, it is essential to analyze the current status quo. This includes a thorough assessment of the existing IT infrastructure, business processes and the daily challenges faced by employees. An accurate review takes time, but makes it possible to identify weaknesses and to understand their requirements better.

In some circumstances, it can also help to use external help to take inventory. We generally offer this support to all our customers because we know that after a few years in the company, you become " business blind".


2. Set up clear goals


Developing a digitization strategy without clear goals is like a journey without a map. Companies need to define exactly what they want to achieve. This could be improving efficiency, increasing employee / customer satisfaction, opening up new markets or developing innovative products.

Clear goals serve as a guide for all further steps in the digitization process.


3. Involve employees


The most successful digitization strategies focus on the people in the company. Employees must be involved in the process right from the start, as they are in fact the ones who use the new technology on a daily basis. Ideally, they should also have a positive attitude towards change and a desire to adapt, as this massively boosts the development process.

In addition, the involved employees will later also serve as important stakeholders within the company and drivers of the digital transformation.


4. Select the most suitable provider


Choosing the right provider is a crucial step during the execution of your digitization strategy. It requires not only a detailed research, but also an evaluation of different software vendors/providers to ensure that they have the appropriate experience and expertise.

SITEFORUM is just one of many software vendors on the market. Our USP is primarily our digitalization platform, which is used as the foundation for all our solutions. It consists out-of-the-box of various modules that already make up 80% of your future digital solution. The remaining 20% is developed reliably and individually by our team. This modularity allows us not only to be extremely flexible compared to other providers, but also much faster in development.

In addition, we see ourselves less as "theorists" and much more as "doers", i.e. we prefer to spend our valuable time at the keyboard rather than in meeting rooms and develop an initial "tangible" prototype.


5. Continuous development and adaptation


Digital technologies and the related possibilities are constantly evolving. So, companies need to be flexible in order to adapt to new developments even if they have a functioning solution. This requires regular reviews, feedback from employees and the willingness to make adjustments when necessary.



Developing a successful digitization strategy requires time, commitment, employees who are ready for change and careful planning. However, companies that take this evolutionary move can profit from increased efficiency, innovative solutions and improved competitiveness. However, the right digitization strategy is not a one-time event, but an ongoing process that allows companies to continuously adapt to the changing "digital world".

Do you need help developing and implementing your personal digitization strategy without any worries? In a large number of our 150 customer projects, we have used our 25 years of experience to advise customers and familiarize ourselves with their specific processes. We would also be pleased to convince you that we are the right partner for you.



General information about SITEFORUM

SITEFORUM was founded in 1998, is owner-managed and develops innovative solutions for customers worldwide with its team. As a company in the heart of Erfurt, we have been implementing a wide range of customer requirements with a young team of experts for over 25 years.
To ensure our customers' success, we focus on good teamwork, a pleasant atmosphere, down-to-earthness, sympathy and fun at work.

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