Kompetenznetz Mittelstand celebrates increase in search results

10. August 2016

1st of June 2016 - Leipzig, Germany - Kompetenznetz Mittelstand, network for the German SME, went online on the SITEFORUM platform march 1st. The integrated module 'SEO 360' has been activated from the start in combination with the Managed SEO service.

After only three months, search results increased significantly, especially in relevant areas such as expert- and company profiles.

Dr. Helfried Schmidt, CEO of OPS Netzwerk GmbH and operator of the network says about the positive development of the search results: "It is impressive to see how much the number of pageviews of our website have increased in such a short time."

30,000 registered companies with far more than 100,000 indexed sites in Google had to be adjusted after converting to SITEFORUM. SITEFORUM Managed SEO has ensured that the site reviews for entirely different contents of this portal improved significantly after three months and in turn the number of pageviews could be increased.



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