Online pension information for European researchers

9. June 2015

9. June 2015 - Erfurt/Karlsruhe, Germany - The cross-border exchange of researchers is supported by the European Commission for many years. "„A Partnership for Researchers - Better Careers and More Mobility” is the appropriate slogan for this project.

However, the move from one job in a European institution to another left scientists with one unsolved question: How do the diverse pension systems in Europe affect my pension?

Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research a project with the title "Find your pension" has been established to answer this question.

With help from Erfurt based company SITEFORUM and its standard software product "SITEFORUM BusinessCloud" the required online portal could be quickly implemented.

Scientists and researchers from all over the world can use the website to get direct and easy access to their pension eligibility from European institutions. They can collect and save their individual "track" over Europe in the portal. And they will learn that more mobility supports not only their career but also their pension claim.

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