SITEFORUM Version 10 is in the starting blocks. What's new?
SITEFORUM Version 10 - What's New?

SITEFORUM Version 10 is in the starting blocks. What's new?

July 5th, 2018 - Erfurt - The SITEFORUM BusinessCloud is the basis for a wide range of solutions for the digitization goals of our customers. In October 2018 we will roll out version 10 with a variety of improved and new features. Here is a first insight:

  • Completely new Webmail application:
    • IMAP support
    • multiple mailboxes
    • customizeable filter rules
    • integration with the media pool, groups, calendars and project application (email to task, attachments for group collaboration etc.)
    • new operating concept based on the SITEFORUM Application Framework
  • Improved Company Directory
    • optional differentiation of companies into standard and premium type companies (revenue model)
    • functions and limitation based on these types (number of content, files, design / icons)
    • highlighting and prioritizing in company lists by type
    • Company content can be extended to include self defined content areas based on content type
    • SEO friendly URLs in all areas of a company


  • latest version of the WYSIWYG CK Editor in all areas
    • allows, among other things, to place images into stories, blogs, etc. by drag & drop


  • Report abuse in many areas; effective management of the reports
    • users can report different types of abuse for blogs, files, user profiles, events, forum messages and more
    • these reports can now be managed effectively by authorized users in the backend


  • Extension of the form generator
    • the form generator now also allows the upload of images and files
    • the uploaded data can be viewed / downloaded in the backend


  • Do you enjoy working with your SITEFORUM portal late at night? Try the new night mode and give your eyes a rest.
  • better performance for our CMS application (backend and frontend for more than 100,000 articles), thanks to improved database structure and cache algorithms
  • numerous improvements in our project application
  • numerous improvements in responsive design and our integrated application framework
  • numerous improvements for faster delivery times of our platform and the portal software
  • numerous bug fixes

For enterprise customers and programmers:

  • Instructions and source code to provide data from your SITEFORUM portal for external services using JSON REST API and Oauth2 authentication
  • improved development tools (locating slow SQL statements, actions, history and restoring SITEFORUM Studio templates, diff reports of SITEFORUM templates between sandbox and production system)
  • Support of the current jQuery version (1.12.4) 

You can find an overview of all the functions of the SITEFORUM BusinessCloud under the following link:

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