With THOR® digital on construction site

17. September 2020

At the end of each construction site week, the picture is the same: many timesheets, different carbon copies, different handwritings.

THOR® has addressed this issue in the course of digitalization and is gradually introducing the "digital timesheet" as of September 2020. For this purpose, THOR® will equip all commercial technical employees with a tablet suitable for construction sites by the beginning of 2021, on which the working hours will be digitally recorded and signed by your contact person on site. In this way, THOR's customers will in future receive the weekly timesheet immediately by e-mail to the address of their choice - quickly and easily, directly from the construction site.

  • legible documentation
  • error-free listing of daily and total values
  • more time thanks to fast information and data exchange
  • direct availability of documents
  • less paper for a digital office and more environmental protection

The digital timesheet is based on an employee portal that was implemented in recent months with the help of the SITEFORUM digitalization platform. In the portal, the employees' assignments are managed by the scheduling department, transmitted to the employee, working hours are recorded, and incoming timesheets are distributed intelligently.  These functions serve THOR® as a basis for the future expansion of further digital processes.

About THOR®

THOR® is an industrial assembly company run by Kersten Thor. He founded the Thuringian company in April 1998. Before taking the step into self-employment, the trained heating engineer worked for years as a temporary assembly worker. He knows from his own experience about the working conditions and circumstances in the temporary employment industry - and it was precisely this that he wanted to change. He wanted to change something about the poor treatment, poor pay and poor qualification of temporary workers.

Its THOR® model combines the advantages of stationary craftsmanship for employees and employee leasing for entrepreneurs who previously relied on the temporary employment industry to cover order backlogs. Employees benefit from permanent contracts, performance-based pay, above-tariff bonuses and guaranteed weekends off, all combined with permanent teams and first-class equipment. Customers are flexible in their order processing and are sure to receive the appropriate skill level from employees who can work independently and do not need any additional equipment.


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