Intranet Odgers Berndtson

Intranet portal for more than 1500 employees and partners in over 30 countries.

Intranet Odgers Berndtson

Company: Odgers Berndtson, London, United Kingdom
Industry: Executive Search
Area: Intranet, Collaboration, MIS

Odgers Berndtson is one of the top 5 executive search companies in the world. With more than 1500 employees and partners in over 30 countries, Odgers Berndtson is using SITEFORUM as their internal communication and collaboration platform.

A Management Information System (MIS) informs all users about the current order status in the company.  With the integrated applications of the SITEFORUM software users share their knowledge and are able to collaborate in teams. Internal developer capacities and the integrated SITEFORUM development tools allowed Odgers Berndtson to set up further application and specific interfaces to their existing IT landscape.

„We approached a number of vendors but found that SITEFORUM offered the most effective platform which allowed us to automate our internal communications as much as possible whilst maintaining accuracy, and increasing efficiency.“

Adam Gibson, Head of IT, Odgers Berndtson

The Odgers Berndtson intranet portal is based on SITEFORUM since 2008.

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Intranet Odgers Berndtson

Intranet Odgers Berndtson

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Intranet portal for more than 1500 employees and partners in over 30 countries.

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