Corporate portal of the Netinera Group.

Industry: Trafic, Transport, Logistics
Area: CMS, Documents, My Page, SEO

NETINERA – a company on course for growth

The NETINERA Group is one of the largest private transport companies in Germany and has been operating local passenger transport on the rails and roads of Germany since 2004.

Since 2008, the company portal of NETINERA is powered by SITEFORUM software. Displayed content in the portal is geared towards the specific target group. Thanks to the integrated content management system, authorized employees of the NETINERA Group can maintain content by themselves and keep the numerous interested parties and customers up to date.

Members of the press can register on the portal and subscribe to individual content on the website in their protected area. Consequently, this target group of the website is automatically informed about new content via e-mail.

The SEO module included in the SITEFORUM portal software ensures that relevant content of the website is found by search engines such as Google.

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Trafic, Transport, Logistics

Corporate portal of the Netinera Group.

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