Fresh from the SITEFORUM labs: New Piecharts

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SITEFORUM 6.3 comes with great new pie-charts. You can use them in the SEO 360° module and some other areas. Pie charts are great to visualize small portions of data. We used the powerful flot library to make this happen. Flot is a pure Javascript plotting library for jQuery. It produces graphical plots of arbitrary datasets on-the-fly client-side. You can find more information here: .

  • Debbie McGrath
    Debbie McGrath Would like to know where these are available and how to activate them
  • Dirk Schlenzig
    Dirk Schlenzig Hey Debbie, they are built-in already in some of our apps but can also be used by your developers via an easy-to-use SITEFORUM Script API. We will shortly post a howto-blog into the Developer Group shortly.