Engaging Employees Boosts Productivity And Saves Lives !

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A recent report by Gallup found that dis-engaged employees are much less productive and much less healthy than engaged and motivated co-workers. Social Business solutions can help.

Only 20% of dis-engaged employees reported they were in excellent health... compared with 30% of engaged workers. The impact on days away from work was even greater. Only 9% of engaged workers had taken 3 or more days off in the last 30 but this more than doubled to 20% of actively disengaged workers.

Looking at incidence of serious health issues again the disengaged workers were always more likely to be ill. They were almost twice as likely to suffer from depression or experience a heart attack.

Clearly these are serious issues for company and employee well-being and success.  Many organisations are using internal social networks to open up communication and collaboration across the workforce. Employees respond well to being given a voice and being heard. Quite often they have valuable things to say and not least amongth the benefits are big increases in employee engagement.

Social Business is here to stay. Looks like it can help deliver more successful and satisfying work experiences for us all.

You can read the original Gallup report here

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