IBM announces the Social Business Toolkit on top of what they are calling the Social Business Platform...worth it or not?

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 IBM Social Business Platform and now the IBM Social Business Toolkit, seems their customer base will gain from this new announcement, but I wonder will they get their money worth?

This is what IBM are saying, The IBM Social Business Toolkit is a new cross-product integration with the IBM Collaboration Solutions portfolio and extensibility toolkit for developers. Initially, the IBM Social Business Toolkit delivers a set of tools that enable developers to publish and retrieve events to the activity stream of the aggregation service. The toolkit further enables cloud deployability, open standards-based APIs to consume, produce, and use events, a configurable adapter framework for consuming existing external content, filtering capabilities, and enhanced administrative features for better security. Subsequently, the toolkit is expanding to include extensibility areas like share box, embedded experiences, and more.

At the back of the solutions mentioned, appears to be Lotus, the email centric solution which has expanded just as SharePoint from Microsoft has to try and incorporate web2.0 functions. Neither were designed as a web service, so must be tough.

Many CIO’s will happily go along with IBM’s vision, always best not to get fired to early in your job!
Providing a toolkit is a sign of them needing their customer base to extend beyond the historical offerings, making them seem better, just as Salesforce needed to do with, run out of ideas hey?

The Social Business platform should reflect what corporates are asking for (Altimeter) and in that there needs to be a base set of solutions, that in my opinion supplies an integrated offering and all that it appears IBM and Microsoft appear to be doing, is providing a front panel from which you can spend many thousands of dollars then trying to integrate and develop the basics, needed to have social applications.

Development environments should be used from the base up and should be there to increase the ROI, not become IBM’s developers. Having API’s is a must as well, but that’s a given right?

My note to all CIO’s who are looking to enter the world of the Social Business Suite, start from a position of having the bases covered, buy into a Cloud base offering that has Social Networking and Communities, Social CRM, Content management and publishing, Business Collaboration and included a software studio development kit that can then be used to enhance across the base functions, yes enhance, what is already working and showing what a good investment you have made!

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