Enterprise Collaboration : What's Holding You Back ?

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We have lots of folk contacts us about internal collaboration projects and how they can get started. As soon as we do a little digging we often hear the same complaints about internal roadblocks which really could be so easily solved by some executive leadership.

We understand that web2.0 innovation has some legitimate concerns and is challenging for some people to embrace. Just like learning to swim - the only way to learn is to get immersed - initially on a limited basis. So - for the record (and just in case any of those execs are listening) - here is our advice for getting started with Enterprise 2.0.

1. Start a pilot project with a mandated live run of  6 months and allow this to be widely used, not least for discussing the internal collaboration strategy.
2. Find the majority of enthusiasts in your organisation and let them run the pilot on simple but agreed terms with a small budget and active participation from a representative sample of executives.
3. Implement a secure, private collaboration with a good variety of web2.0 features so people get to appreciate when to use blogs vs Q&A vs Wiki's, build their internal social network and join network groups.
4. Encourage use of metadata (categories, tags) and other web2.0 context tools such as comments, ratings, personalisation and social bookmarking so the organisation gets a first take on  how this might develop.
5. After 3 months live running start to document your future requirements and business case - you'll be surprised how much you have learned.

If you have any questions or comments - we'll be pleased to hear from you.

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