The Day of the Specialised Community has come. First Movers will win.

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At SITEFORUM we are passionate believers in the power of online communities and online social networking and we are proud to see clients like, PartnerCloud (IT) and CSPNetwork (Sports), lead the way in their industries.

From these and many other experiences we know that the most powerful communities are not always the biggest, but the ones which achieve substantial coverage of an area of interest. The value of connecting with like-minds who share your knowledge and experience is immense. The collaboration and information sharing opportunities are truly unique and have already had profound influence for many of us. Probably more than we realise.

We are big fans of Social Media Today - one of the leading social media publications in the world - and like to report some of their articles from time to time.

This week Vanessa DiMauro, CEO of Leader Networks, was quoted regarding the future of online communities and we completely agree with many of her quotes :

"The biggest trend I see on the horizon for online communities is the advent of specialized private online communities.... while Twitter, LinkedIn and Quora, for example, are not going away anytime soon, there is an increase in the demand for specialized private online communities which has emerged in part from the success of the broader social networks."

"It is within the gates of private, smaller communities where meaningful peer connections, idea exchange and collaboration can truly take place ... there is certainly a growing trend of organizations to create private gated online communities to service the specialized needs of their customers."

"Every day brings new challenge for companies to demonstrate their excellence – online. The opportunity to engage customers in a trusted relationship 24X7 is a perfect marriage to online communities."

You can read the full article here.

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