Mass collaboration? Or better massive collaboration?

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Today's social networking services open up much better ways to do business, to become a social organization. However, being aware of this and applying it to an organization are two different shoes. This paper is to understand the concept and to derive your own social business strategy.
SITEFORUM is an enabler to make such strategies a reality.

It's all about mass collaboration, in different areas, on different levels of an organization.
While there are some possibilities, it's important to identify the one with most potential benefits and feasibility.
The goals are obvious: Use knowledge of as many people as possible to improve products, services, processes, strategies.

Smaller entities may have difficulties to consider their 50 employees, 20 resellers or 200 clients as a "mass". So, to remove this obstacle in imagination and to better express what it's all about, we call it massive collaboration. This not only describes the sheer number of contributors but the new quality and intensity of such collaboration as well.

Here's how the basic structure looks like and where collaborative opportunities appear:

And here are some obvious examples, arising around an organization:
- Locate expertise within your staff. Collect their ideas to improve business.
- Get rated by clients & prospects in order to improve user satisfaction.
. Find external contributors for new products and services.
- Get resellers involved early in product development and process optimization.
- Feed advisors with potential scenarios in order to optimize business strategies.
- Provide a realtime decision environment for business-critical situations.

There are more or less obvious opportunities. The first ones may not even be the best choice. Remember, benefits and feasibility.

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