How to increase enterprise value

Social, realtime, operational effetiveness, strategic effectiveness, enterprise value

Enterprise value is based on two pillars:
Strategic and operational effectiveness.
Wisdom, Peter Drucker has expressed some time ago.

Nowadays, with the advent of social networking, there is a disruptive way to enforce these pillars,
in consequence increase enterprise value.

Instead of social media, for us, it is massive collaboration.
Done right, it unleashes all the knowledge that is hidden in and around every organization.

Imagine to have all employees, clients and business partners contribute in a meaningful way.
Imagine to have access to all valuable expertise whenever needed, whereever located.
Imagine to have groups of specialists across the globe working instantly to solve essential issues.
Imagine to have a information system available, collecting and distributing relevant information in realtime.

Massive collaboration does all this and means to have many people (masses) collaborate intensively and in realtime.
Done right, your enterprise will become a social organization, strongly improving the way business gets done.
Leading to strategic and operational excellence, in consequence increasing enterprise value.

Such success is a matter of purpose, strategy and technology. SITEFORUM is your partner to succeed.

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