The Day of the Specialised Community has come. First Movers will win.

Specialised Communities, Vanessa DiMauro, SocialMediaToday
 At SITEFORUM we are passionate believers in the power of online communities and online social networking and we are proud to see clients like, PartnerCloud (IT) and CSPNetwork (Sports), lead the way in their industries. From ... more...

Posted by dummy dummy on Wednesday, 10/26/2011, 9:15 am

Enterprise Collaboration : What's Holding You Back ?

collaboration, Enterprise2.0, Proof of Concept
 We have lots of folk contacts us about internal collaboration projects and how they can get started. As soon as we do a little digging we often hear the same complaints about internal roadblocks which really could be so easily solved b... more...

Posted by dummy dummy on Saturday, 08/13/2011, 2:11 pm

NCC's Quarterly Members Conference Delivering business value from Social Media and Collaboration Tools (27 Sep 2011) Event start date 27th September 2011, London

NCC delivering business value from Social Media, ROI in Social Business NCC's Quarterly Members Conference Delivering business value from Social Media and Collaboration Tools (27 Sep ... more...

Posted by Bob Pike on Wednesday, 08/03/2011, 11:43 am

Brand Protection and Employee Support are needed in this new social DNA world.

Persona Management, White Paper, Social Media Risks, Best Practice Social Business
 "Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will all struggle to deliver acceptable signal-to-noise ratios to their users. They will be focused on solving this problem within their silos, rather than across all platforms. I call this approach “vert... more...

Posted by Bob Pike on Tuesday, 08/02/2011, 6:06 pm

The announcement of Google+ is awakening expectations

Google, siteforum, Groups, Media, sharing
 As one person put it "With Facebook, I overshare. With Twitter, I undershare." Right-sharing means to have groups defined, like family, friends, neighbours, business ... you name it. Then assign access rights to content and media files, add commu... more...

Posted by Jürgen Schlenzig on Thursday, 06/30/2011, 5:08 pm

IBM announces the Social Business Toolkit on top of what they are calling the Social Business Platform...worth it or not?

Social, Business, IBM, Toolkit
  I BM Social Business Platform and now the IBM Social Business Toolkit, seems their customer base will gain from this new announcement, but I wonder will they get their money worth? This is what IBM are saying, The IBM Social Business Toolki... more...

Posted by Bob Pike on Friday, 06/03/2011, 12:30 pm

SITEFORUM mobile app for iPhone / iPad / iPod now supports branding

iPad, iphone
 Hi all, we passed Apple's certification program a few months ago and are certified to create mobile iPhone / iPad and iPod touch apps We released the "SITEFORUM mobile app" a few weeks ago and this can be installed via iTunes and the App Store.... more...

Posted by Dirk Schlenzig on Monday, 05/23/2011, 11:49 am

Engaging Employees Boosts Productivity And Saves Lives !

Social Business, engagement, gallup
 A recent report by Gallup found that dis-engaged employees are much less productive and much less healthy than engaged and motivated co-workers. Social Business solutions can help. Only 20% of dis-engaged employees reported they were in excel... more...

Posted by dummy dummy on Wednesday, 05/18/2011, 10:45 pm

Social Interaction

Social Media
 Nowadays, business needs to be peoplecentric. Social communities, especially those that are built around a business and its products, have a fundamental role to play in connecting employees with customers. So how can we best respond to this challenge... more...

Posted by Bob Pike on Wednesday, 04/20/2011, 1:05 pm

Nice to see how McDonald's promotes the SITEFORUM-powered Franchise Web

McDonalds, Franchise
 McDonald's uses the SITEFORUM platform to build the McDonald's Franchise Web. Main objective is to supply each McDonald's restaurant in Germany with its own website. This can then be turned into a Social Community later and helps restaurant owner... more...

Posted by Dirk Schlenzig on Thursday, 04/14/2011, 6:43 pm

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