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User activities • Overview about user activities total, per months and user view • analysis of app visits, loyalty points scans, payment of loyalty points, payment of coupons, turnover per coupon, scan+win scans, push notifications, automatic push notifications, welcome gift, subscription
png User activities - Heat map 0.11 MB 09/24/2013
png Portal Master -User activities 0.08 MB 09/24/2013
png Store Ranking - Overview_Lieblingsrestaurant Champ... 0.05 MB 09/24/2013
png Number of subscribers (total) 0.03 MB 09/24/2013
png New subscriber per restaurant (last 10 days) 0.03 MB 09/24/2013
png Loyalty points scans (total) 0.03 MB 09/24/2013


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