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    1.1 Enterprise Administration

    Updated on 10/04/2013, 1 Files

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    1.2 Enterprise Community Management

    Updated on 10/04/2013, 1 Files
    Community • community provides an overview about owners, stores, users, subscriptions, promotions redeened and scanned codes • store map shows the spatial distribution of “Lieblingsrestautant”
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    1.3 Enterprise Cockpits

    Updated on 10/04/2013, 4 Files
    • Each restaurant can put a limit of new subscribers, active subscribers, promotion redeemed, promotion viewed, welcome gift redeemed and scanned QR Codes per day • Every time targets can be changed • an Owner Overview shows all restaurants and their owners, number of admins and stores • edits owners every time or add new restaurants and owners
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    1.4 Enterprise "Birds-Perspective" Statistics and Reports

    Updated on 10/04/2013, 19 Files
    User reports • receives a diagram about global user data
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    1.5 Enterprise Promotions

    Updated on 10/02/2013, 1 Files
    Global Coupon Manager • you can select promotion owner, promotions and promotion recipients and copy the promotions
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    1.6 Enterprise Campaigns

    Updated on 09/24/2013
    Scheduled Notifications
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    1.7 POS Administration

    Updated on 10/04/2013, 3 Files
    Manage POS owners • Select user and see the number of loyalty points per user • overview of all franchisee • summary of all stores
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    1.8 POS Rankings, competition and email report

    Updated on 10/04/2013, 6 Files
    User activities • Overview about user activities total, per months and user view • analysis of app visits, loyalty points scans, payment of loyalty points, payment of coupons, turnover per coupon, scan+win scans, push notifications, automatic push notifications, welcome gift, subscription
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    Updated on 09/20/2013

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