SITEFORUM BusinessCloud
The configurable multifunctional portal for small and medium-sized businesses


A configurable multifunctional portal for small and medium-sized businesses, turning a corporate website into

  • a customer information center,
  • workplace and collaboration network for staff,
  • a sales center for the company and their resellers

for these purposes:

create, publish and promote company and product information

The SITEFORUM BusinessCloud is much more than just a website – with SITEFORUM BusinessCloud you create and maintain the display of your company.

SITEFORUM Business Cloud sets in where all customer relationships start today: on your company's website.

As a turnkey "all-in-one" product SITEFORUM turns your website-on-demand to a business center: With full functionality, anonymous website visitors are turned into profitable repeat clients. Provide information about your company, products and services for your clients and prospects when required. Along the SalesCycle you have manifold opportunities to accompany prospective customers to provide them with targeted information. Use comprehensive reports to analyze and optimize the behavior of your visitors.

SITEFORUM BusinessCloud is the perfect future-oriented introduction to online business. With our professional and easy-to-use content management system you can create and publish your own content - without any programming knowledge.

Information is not always static, we focus on interaction and the involvement of customers, employees and prospects - SITEFORUM BusinessCloud keeps evolving and may develop from an intranet through to a community. We will support you in purposefully communicating information.

define and reach sales targets

SITEFORUM BusinessCloud contains important elements for the sales department, supporting structured sales and distribution. SITEFORUM has the ability to actively involve customers and partners - from acquisition on the web via the support through to building and developing a long-term customer relationship. All information arising from the sales process is uniformly captured: from simple information about the company through to documents that have been sent to contact persons. SITEFORUM BusinessCloud captures the information and makes it available to all authorized users.

SITEFORUM supports the sales process from the beginning. Contacts and companies can be created by your sales department. Categorization is done automatically – either by actions executed by the user, or by the users´ origin. The categorization by your sales department takes place through manual input via a front-end, e.g. assignment to an account / user / interests / product structures.

All data is stored in a single database for all sales activities. Based on this, tasks, activities and advisers are assigned. This creates an account history - the sales team can grasp opportunities and any initiated outbound measures are stored with the user.

plan and facilitate marketing campaigns

Power up your customer relationships. Nowhere else is customer acquisition as inexpensive as on the Internet.

SITEFORUM BusinessCloud captures all the actions of your prospective customers and users: viewed content, downloaded documents, purchased products, completed forms, etc.. These actions build a customer profile, which in turn is the basis for targeted and personalized email campaigns. Use this profile data to plan campaigns and to provide content.

The customer profile is the basis for automated cross-selling and up-selling offers. Create detailed surveys or complex feedback forms.

The SITEFORUM BusinessCloud provides you with a comprehensive campaign tool: send personalized mass-emails to selected users and monitor the success of your campaign by setting a success action, such as the recipient needing to view a particular story or to fill out a survey for the campaign to be considered a success.

SITEFORUM BusinessCloud also supports all other actions of your sales team: categorize users and companies to implement targeted actions. This way they will receive structured feedback on telephone activities for example. Feedback from individual users and companies is continually captured in the Cloud, making it available to authorized users without any delays.

build team collaboration

Your employees and clients are accustomed to social networks outside of the workplace. Now you can offer them a safe and valuable social networking environment in which they can easily share information and cooperate within the organization.

SITEFORUM BusinessCloud provides teams with an appealing and intuitive work environment. Create groups and teams and promote collaboration on documents, ideas, forums and whiteboards.

The unique SITEFORUM Activity Feed individually compiles all information for the user, allowing to keep tabs even on larger projects. Teams can work in open and closed groups, maintain their own calendar and provide content.

SITEFORUM BusinessCloud makes collective knowledge available and promotes interaction, immediately improving the effectiveness of your team. The objective is to facilitate communication and foster innovation. All this collaborates to increase sales, reduce communication costs and create an open corporate culture.

communicate with clients across channels

Just like your employees, also your clients´ employees are accustomed to social networks outside of the workplace.

The SITEFORUM Business Cloud allows you to integrate the customer in all communication processes. From support on project-related tasks on joint projects through to logging and reconciliation of customized products and services - streamline customer communication with groups, forums and individual front-ends.

The targeted and automated communication creates transparency and allows you to approach the customer according to his preferences and areas of interest, and convey news immediately.

Create groups for individual clients or groups of customers, use the integrated subscription manager of the SITEFORUM BusinessCloud to automatically keep customers informed about new content.

All contents of your SITEFORUM CLOUD can be communicated to the client in different ways, whether by email, SMS, a newsletter, the Activity Feed or your own app.

SITEFORUM BusinessCloud accelerates communication.

organize support

Support is more to us than to receive an email and internally forward it. SITEFORUM BusinessCloud includes all major functions to ensure perfect support for products and services.

SITEFORUM BusinessCloud as a communication platform offers many options for integrating customers into the value creation process and thus positively affect the efficiency of the customer and to simplify processes together with the client.

This includes simplifying contacting on one hand, as well as structuring communication on the other.

In addition to traditional ways of customer support via phone and email, the WWW lends itself as communication medium especially in an international environment.

Simple operations such as inquiries about products or ordering replacement parts can be crucial service points for customers. For prospects additional services can be crucial. SITEFORUM BusinessCloud will become the focal point of customer service.

Among other things, help desk systems can facilitate communication and, for instance, the shop can be used for repeat orders from customers or partners. Processing inquiries about products can also be customized to accommodate your processes via forms, workflows, FAQs and individual front-ends.

All of this in a configurable and expandable product, with pre-defined user categories, groups and access privileges.

Furthermore, content is not to be published in a corporate portal only but in related Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social formats. SITEFORUM is automating such content sharing.


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