Implementation & Services


A hands-on and highly experienced team of experts, that understand your scenario and has shipped many mission-critical digitalization projects in various industries - worldwide.

Software development and implementation is our business since SITEFORUM was founded in 1998. We know our digitalization platform inside out. By using agile methodologies we make sure that the implementation of your tailored digital solution will be a success.

Our services don't stop with the Go-Live of your project. Beside running your solution on our managed cloud infrastructure we also take care of continues updates, support and services to keep you in the leading position. Find below an overview of our services.


Design Thinking

Together we discover the requirements of your solution. Rapid prototyping is a helpful methodology to get this done efficiently.


Business Model Design

Transform customer needs to digital business model.


Project Management

We implement your solution based on the scrum framework in an agile manner, gathering your continuous feedback throughout the entire project.


Minimum viable product

We can deploy a minimum viable product of your solution. It means fast time-to-market and getting early market or customer feedback for your solution. 



Your solution remains up to date. Security patches, bugfixes and functional enhancements of the SITEFORUM digitalization platform will be deployed several times a year.


Support & Trainings

You get answers to all questions concerning your digital solution as well as quick assistance with problems. We provide you with regular trainings to keep you up to date.

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Our secure cloud infrastructure runs your solution, scales with your needs and is fully managed - 24/7.

Get your digital prototype


The SITEFORUM digitalization platform comes with most of the functional and technical requirements to implement your digital strategy - out of the box. This allows us to provide you with a free digital prototype once we understand the basics of your scenario. This is your first step. We are here to help.

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