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Efficiently processing invoices in a digital workflow -
quickly and inexpensively.


SITEFORUM InvoiceOnline offers you the best support for processing travel expense reports, as well as customer- and vendor invoices. A workflow without media disruption helps you reduce processing time, realizing the full coverage of payment terms and improving transparency and process quality for everyone involved.


  • Uniform processing of invoices in one system; an invoice will be scanned once and then processed "digitally" in the workflow. This allows rationalization in the procedure of invoice processing, which in turn reduces the cost per invoice processed.
  • Invoices are entered into the system once, processed and archived, making lost as well as endlessly transferred paper bills and countless copies are a thing of the past.
  • Direct control of invoices is possible at any time, any bill is available at all times and the current status is always obvious. The incorporation into the reporting is done directly, without additional processing steps, after capture into the system. The invoice is already categorized into general topis such as amounts, dates etc. after logging it into the system.
  • All persons with appropriate authorization have access to invoices that are in progress, or have already been archived, and may answer questions or create custom reports.
  • The comprehensive role- and authorization concept enables a dynamic image of the company and simplifies access for users. A simple, intuitive user interface reduces the training and implementation costs to a minimum.
  • Process security is improved by a two-man rule for invoice verification and automatic archiving after transaction. All steps of the users are documented and archived long-term together with the invoice.
  • A clear distinction from downstream accounting systems (ERP ) avoids redundant steps. With additional information attached to the receipt, accounting can process an invoice quickly and without any further questions.

Invoice workflow

Simple and very transparent workflow

1. Upload
2. Objective review (recipient)
3. Release for payment (validator)
4. Booking and payment (Accounting)
5. Archive

All stages, including returning for re-examination, are represented in the system. Each user can be informed by email about new invoices that are waiting to be processed by him. Invoices that have been assigned to the wrong recipient can easily be forwarded in the system.

Overview of all invoices

In the invoice overview for each company / department all invoices that are currently in progress, or have already been archived, are kept and displayed. There are no inscrutable folder structures.

All significant document information is displayed in the list, helping users to quickly identify the current status of the invoice. With extensive filtering capabilities the user can define his individual view, providing him with the optimal information for his assignments.

Invoices / receipts

The system supports logging incoming and outgoing invoices, as well as travel expenses. Each invoice and receipt is logged in the system with all relevant information:
- Invoice Creator, Invoice Recipient
- Gross Amount, Net Amount
- Date / Date of Payment
- Invoice Number and Receipt Number
- Time frame Allocation (single or split)
- Cost Center
- Process comments (cost transfer, notes)
  All invoices are then assigned to one receiver and one examiner and the workflow is started. Users will be informed by email once any action is required.

Receipt numbers can either be logged manually or assigned by the system. A booking list can be generated at any time with Excel export. The manual post-processing of captured data is only possible for persons with appropriate access rights.


In order to support and simplify reviews, all actions are recorded and stored in the system:

When and by whom did the invoice get logged into the system, who validated the invoice and who instructed payment.

The history cannot be edited. All actions can be archived via the respective document for the original invoice.

Users' rights

or more flexibility, you determine the amount at which a person may instruct invoices for payment.

Specify which invoices someone may see and which actions users in a specific department may carry out. Various permissions allow the establishment of individual actions per user from uploading, viewing, editing and even archiving. Each user only sees invoices that are corresponding to his individual permissions.

Two-Man Rule

Decide, whether invoices can be approved and released by only one person, or whether the Two-Man Rule should be applied.


In addition to the individually created online reports about the list of all invoices, all data can be exported to Excel. There are various accounting reports available, allowing up-to-date evaluations based on various criteria.

Payment instructions / reminders

Information about incoming and met payments, as well as carried out reminders can be attached to an invoice at any time.

Entries are checked by the system and a status must be set for incomplete payments (discounts, claims) including any notes and comments.

The same applies to payments to be made. For this reason, you can get an overview over "outstanding items / claims" and "obligations" at any time.

Business assessment / Gross profit

Based on collected invoice data (type, amount, payment receipts etc.), the system is able to create a short term gross profit calculation as a first step for a business assessment.

The information on invoices can be complemented by additional, individually captured, data (e.g. lease costs, labor costs, etc ... ). This leads to an ad hoc result per period.

Capturing and calculation is always done on a monthly basis and can easily be edited and set up individually - without programming effort or any additional costs.


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