Managed Cloud Infrastructure


Our secure cloud infrastructure runs your solution, scales with your needs and is fully managed - 24/7.

Increase your overall efficiency as we manage the server infrastructure to run your solution. You can shift your full attention on more deserving matters - such as running your business. We take care of everything related to security, performance, monitoring, backup and much more.


Server Monitoring

Uptime is very important. We are constantly monitoring for any irregularities or potential issues that the server may experience.



The security of your data is our top priority. Various tools and the wide experince of our system engineers make sure to detect vulnerabilities and address these to prevent attacks.



We keep your data secured and backed up correctly. In an event of data loss it can be recovered in a short period of time.


Disaster Recovery

Our failover and replication capacities reduces the total time to recovery.


Performance & Scalability

Your solution scales in terms of users, data or traffic? We make sure that the server infrastructure scales as well.



Our data centers are certified with the internationally recognized standard for information security - DIN ISO/IEC 27001.


Private Cloud

Optionally within German data centers on your dedicated infrastructure.

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The SITEFORUM digitalization platform is the basis of the solutions for our customers.

Get your digital prototype


The SITEFORUM digitalization platform comes with most of the functional and technical requirements to implement your digital strategy - out of the box. This allows us to provide you with a free digital prototype once we understand the basics of your scenario. This is your first step. We are here to help.


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