SITEFORUM StatusOnline
Efficient capture and simple controlling of events.
Direct communication via email, sms or a smartphone app.


SITEFORUM StatusOnline enables detection, communication and archiving of events of all kinds. Originally developed for the use in the planning of railway transport companies, StatusOnline is now also able to efficiently organize the communication for daily incidents in a variety of industries or events.

With SITEFORUM StatusOnline traditional processes for management and the communication of incidents become standardized and automated.

  • Unified and simple collection of all incidents from previously stored data.
  • High plausibility checks during collection in order to keep errors in acquisition to a minimum.
  • Automatic communication of incidents to defined distribution groups via email, sms, smartphone app.
  • Support of employees by monitoring feedback for requests and assignments.
  • Comprehensive role- and authorization concept and free definition of categories and distribution lists provide maximum adjustability.
  • Connecting to the SITEFORUM mobile app is possible without problems. Employees, customers and external partners are informed directly and without delay. External partners, customers and website visitors are all simultaneously updated – without any further processing in other systems.

Logging events / incidents

Incidents are recorded with the reporting and event time, specifying the relevant sections/areas according to predefined categories with indication of affected elements (cars, installations). The capture of a description and the definition if further action is necessary, or if information from external interfaces is relevant, completes the collection of data. The distribution is done automatically.

Event overview

The key element is the list of all incidents/events. Each entry is displayed in an overview. Following the top-down principle, all information can be detailed further.


Based on an event you can define which measures should be initiated. For each measure, a response time can be specified. In the event overview, the status is displayed at all times.

Business disruptions

To inform external places, further or other information is captured in the next step. This is always based on the incident that was priorly detected. This communication can be accelerated and simplified with the use of text blocks. External partners receive extended information concerning the duration and the current procedure.

Passenger and customer information

Informing their customers is important for any organization´s reputation - this information must be prompt, current and comprehensive. In StatusOnline this has a special significance. Besides the information from external places, employees also have text blocks at their disposal. Customers can be informed via sms, email, or app.

Integration of customer information on the website is also possible. Thus all communication channels are kept up to date.

Targeted customer / passenger information

As a service-oriented service provider in logistics and transport you rely on keeping your passengers up to date about possible schedule deviations or short-term business disruptions. Especially smartphones play an increasingly important role to reach passengers promptly. Customers define the routes / areas on which they want to be kept up to date and will subsequently receive information.

You can offer this service to your passengers with the SITEFORUM mobile app, which was developed specifically for the high demands of local and regional public transport.

Likewise, we provide a suitable web front-end which allows you to provide this service to the customers. Customers using the web will be notified by email. It is incorporated in your website with your corporate design.


To connect the interface with maintenance companies or your in-house garage, the garage module can be used. Here errors / defects of any objects involved in an incident are recorded and can be marked as finished by the garage. During maintenance, the object can be locked and is not available for scheduling.
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